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Grant Development

The Department offers the following services (the type, scope and amount of the grant will dictate the resources and services provided):

  •  Research grant opportunities to meet identified needs at schools and departments
  • Draft the grant narrative, with an emphasis on ensuring that all necessary components/elements are addressed
  • Review and edit grants written by school/department
  • Draft the budget narratives and complete budget templates
  • Coordinate with other departments to ensure the District can meet the evaluation and data reporting requirements associated with a grant
  • As applicable, develop additional evaluation measures that could also be used as a continuous monitoring tool to help improve APS policies and practices.
  • Identify external partners, such as the City of Aurora, Institutes of Higher Education, etc.
  • Support the grant initiating department/school with soliciting community support, if needed, such as obtaining in-kind services, letters of support, etc.
  • Compile required attachments, such as financial information, district data, maps, etc.
  • Obtain the appropriate District signature on submission forms
  • Coordinate final assembly and submission



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